Wholesale Plush Toy

Our company, which produces plush toys wholesale, serves with quality production and abundant variety. You can call us for wholesale plush bear and other models.

You can be confident that we can supply all your needs with plush toys in accordance with European standards.

Wholesale Plush Toy Can Go Following Tests:

  • Sharp tip and sharp edge control
  • Tensile test in small parts
  • Tensile testing at the seams
  • Filling control for plush toy
  • Metal detection test
  • Small parts control
  • Labor control
  • Product function / performance test
  • Working distance control for remote controlled toys
  • Frequency control for electronic toys
  • Moisture test for wooden toys

Moreover, with our ever-increasing exports, our manufacturing loyalty is growing exponentially. We are establishing the most appropriate price policy and competitive equilibrium by establishing quality-price balance. In plush manufacturing, we are continuing to grow our business love by developing our work with human vision and profit before open to criticism.

In our wide range of products you can find all kinds of colorful plush types, girls and boys groups, controlled cars, baby varieties, collection metal cars, check-drop metal cars, licensed plush groups and other licensed groups, group games, okey, backgammon, toys, and hundreds of other, ever-renewing varieties that we can not count on.

Trusted Wholesale Plush Toy

Reliability is one of the most important parameters when it comes to plush toys. Close-contact toys should be sensitive to their production so that they do not damage the health of our children. Consumers need to pay attention to some issues while buying plush toys. The fact that the product you buy is washable, that the feathering is produced specifically for different age groups, that is, it is the most important issue that parents have to pay attention to as they have caught quality standards and specialized in this area. Because of this reason, we also produce and sell plush toys that we have achieved in order to gain the confidence of the mother and father prepared for the little boys and ladies are selling the most reliable state.

When parents buy toys, they have to live with troubles like tears and ruptures and prefer healthy and durable plush toys.

Guaranteed Products

You can easily find cartoon and animated film characters you find in plush toys in the most lovable ways and safely find products that you can take as gifts for both your children and your loved ones. Among our wide selection of products, you can find and buy character products that you love not only for children, but also for your loved ones and yourself.

Why Plush Toy?

Experts point out that the toys that children prefer to play are significant influences on intelligence, curiosity, and character development, and note that the child is the most important feedback given to the parents of the toy they play. According to experts, plush animal toys provide support for the emotional human profile of the feelings frontal. Children playing with such toys are expected to exhibit a character that is intense in interaction with people in the future.