Wholesale Rock Candy and Rock Candy Manufacturing

By ordering from wholesale rock candy products, you can taste these confectioneries, which are 100% local and fresh. This traditional taste originating from the Ottoman Empire has many varieties such as lemon, pistachio, mint, sesame and cinnamon.


Rock candies, dating back to the 16th century, were once known as ‘head candy’. At that time, the fame of rock candy spread thanks to the janissaries. During the Ottoman Empire Period, the janissaries who came to the Topkapı Palace to get their people drank soup, ate and ate saffron and rice dessert. The janissaries, who were very pleased with this situation, would offer rock candy to show their satisfaction and to show their loyalty to the sultan. Because “covenant”, which is the root of the word creed, meant commitment. In order to show their loyalty to the state, the janissaries would offer sugar candy to the members of the imperial council and the grand vizier. In the “rock candy” ceremonies, if the janissaries came to the ceremony with sugar plates in their hands, people would breathe a sigh of relief, which meant there would be no rebellion.

There is a different example of commitment to wholesale rock candy. The distribution of sugar candy in Islamic memorial service symbolizes the belief and devotion to God after death, birth, and marriage.


With the manufacture of rock candies, varieties such as sesame, gum mastic, cinnamon, hazelnut, lemon and mint are produced. In fact, the varieties of rock candy that leave a pleasant taste on the palate can be reproduced as far as the imagination goes. Wholesale rock candies are extremely sensitive products. Therefore, care should be taken to preserve them. Jars or boxes should be used when storing rock candy. Thus, the life of the sugar is longer and its taste does not deteriorate at all. Also, the lid of the jar or box in which you store the rock candy should be tightly closed. Candy should not come into contact with air in any way. Otherwise, the candy will start to soften.


Powder and water are used in the production of rock candy. Rock candies that do not contain any additives are organic and healthy sugars. Thanks to the production of rock candy, mouths are sweetened and this sugar provides great benefits to the human body. It is known that rock candy is good for hoarseness. Rock candy consumed by absorption takes the heat of the body. The manufacturing stage of rock candy is as follows: First, the candy is melted with hot water and poured on the marble countertops. The candies shaped on the counter are pounded in a mortar and melted. Fruit extracts and dried fruits are added to sugar and kneaded. The resulting dough is formed into long sticks and cut. At the end of the process, the hard candies will begin to take shape.

Wholesale rock candy, which is still in great demand today, continues to be consumed with pleasure.

Being one of the oldest confectioneries of Ottoman cuisine, rock candy is loved with its colorful appearance and taste that leaves a pleasant taste on the palate. Rock candy was given in handkerchiefs during the childhood of our grandmothers, grandmothers and grandparents. Preserved in an elegant closed box during the holidays, rock candy is taken out of the box and served when the guests come to the holiday. Who knows how many generations have grown up excited for rock candy on holidays? You can introduce today’s children with rock candy that is always delicious. You can offer rock candies, which have a history of almost 500 years, to your guests not only on holidays but also on days such as Islamic memorial service, birth and death. By storing them in sealed glass jars, you can make your little guests happy by giving these candies to your little guests.

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