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Churchkhela is a flavor brought from Ottoman cuisine to the present day. It is made by meeting walnuts and molasses. Nowadays, with the increasing interest, it is also sold as wholesale churchkhela.

All of the wholesale churchkhela products, which people of all ages love to eat, are offered to your liking through Miniorg. You can contact us by choosing any of the wholesale churchkhela products blended with special flavors that children and adults will love, and you can buy wholesale churchkhela products with reasonable price options.

Churchkhela, which meets the energy needs of the body to a great extent with its rich nutritional content, is a sweet food item consumed especially in winter. Churchkhela varieties, which are generally consumed plain, can also be consumed with tea or coffee. Wholesale churchkhela varieties help the body to gain resistance against diseases in winter by strengthening the immune system thanks to the abundant vitamins and minerals in its content. Another important benefit of churchkhela varieties is that they can prevent cardiovascular diseases if consumed regularly.

What Are The Types Of Churchkhela?

Churchkhela, which is frequently consumed in our country, is a popular food produced all over the country, just like fruit pulp. It is also known as walnut sausage among the people. It is made by blending walnuts and molasses and bringing them together. The most important difference of the churchkhela, which is very similar to the pulp, is that it is wrapped around the walnut. Wholesale churchkhela varieties are made from grape and mulberry molasses.

If the wholesale churchkhela varieties are preserved under suitable conditions, their freshness for a long time ensures that these food types are consumed with pleasure. Churchkhela, which is also among the bread roll varieties, is one of the snacks that everyone from seven to seventy enjoys with its unique taste. The fruits collected on time are dried and turned into molasses. Then the prepared molasses is mixed with flour and milk and become a pulp. Later, these legumes are turned into a hamlet with secrets unique to masters and wrapped around the walnut. The resulting walnut sausage, or churchkhela with walnuts, has taken its place in homes as food that preserves its flavor for centuries. Churchkhela with walnut, one of the most precious flavors of Turkish cuisine, can last for a long time when stored under suitable conditions.


How Are Wholesale Churchkhela Prices?

Wholesale churchkhela is priced according to its types. The price of each churchkhela variety varies according to the way it is made and the product it is made from. There is a difference between the prices of sun-dried and natural slats and those produced differently. Churchkhela varieties include wholesale churchkhela products with different flavors. You can find wholesale churchkhela products and more, which are produced as healthy snacks for both adults and children, on our website. By contacting us, you can get information about the cheapest wholesale churchkhela products and order immediately.

You can get information about churchkhela products, varieties, and flavors that are suitable for your needs by contacting us via our website, Miniorg.net, and you can buy them in bulk if you wish. You can find wholesale churchkhela products and varieties suitable for your budget and taste on our website.

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