Wholesale Binoculars

Binoculars are a lightweight and easily portable optical observation tool that consists of two identical telescopes to show the same point. A much more advanced sense of distance and depth can be achieved with wholesale binoculars compared to single-lens telescopes.

Binoculars such as handheld binoculars, rifle binoculars, hunting and hunting binoculars suitable for every use are offered to your liking through Miniorg. You can contact us by determining your binocular needs for your purpose of use and buy binoculars wholesale.

Both the sky and all objects on the earth can be easily observed with wholesale binoculars. The basic functions of binoculars are to magnify objects that are difficult to see with the eye and to bring distant objects closer. When buying wholesale binoculars; It is necessary to pay attention to phrases such as 8 × 40, 7 × 50, 8-24 x 50, 12-60 x 70. The first number in these parameters indicates the magnification power and the second number indicates the aperture of the lens. In other words, an 8 × 40 binocular has 8 times magnification power and 40 mm lens aperture. Expressions such as 12-60 x 70 in binoculars, which are called zoom, meaning that you can zoom from 12 times to 60 times magnification and have a 70 mm lens opening. If the wholesale binoculars have a zoom of 20 times and above, a foot must also be used. For daytime observation, binoculars with a span of 30 mm is sufficient, while binoculars with a minimum of 50 mm are required for night vision.

Wholesale Professional Binoculars

When using wholesale professional binoculars, it is absolutely necessary to pay attention to magnification and aperture. Professional binoculars are used in areas such as hunting, sky and nature observation, yachting, races, nature sports. The aim here is to observe objects, moving creatures or objects more clearly, larger, and more closely.

A clearer comparison of magnification power and aperture can be made as follows when choosing wholesale professional binoculars:

Vehicle Magnification Aperture
Naked Eye 1x 4 Mm
Small Opera Binoculars 2x 15 Mm
Big Opera Binocular 4x 25 Mm
Small Binoculars 8x 40 Mm
Big Binoculars 15x 60 Mm
Small Telescope 20-200x 80 Mm


In addition to all these types of binoculars, rifle binoculars are another type of binoculars preferred by hunting enthusiasts. The riflescope can be selected from different models such as double light sources or 4 light sources according to the type of hunting to be made. In riflescopes with less magnification and aperture ratio than conventional binoculars, a much better viewing angle can be achieved with a 3-9x scale. Among the wholesale professional binoculars, the most used rifle scope features are:

Provides super clarity with the 3-9x zoom range

Provides a wide view and a comfortable view with its 32 mm lens diameter

  • Suitable for yachting, bird watching, hunting, and outdoor sports.
  • It has a steel body and special layered coatings are used in all lenses and prisms for a bright image.
  • Provides distant viewpoint and wide view.
  • Zoom is adjusted.
  • Gives clear images at night with its light feature.
  • The target is striped, shockproof and the glass lenses are waterproof.
  • It has multicoated objective lenses.

Side Focus Range: 20 Yard (20, 30, 50, 75, 100, 200, infinity) for Unlimited

Wholesale Cheap Binoculars

Wholesale binoculars are sold with different price options. Binocular prices vary depending on the features and quality of the binoculars. Different binocular options are among the wholesale cheap binocular products. Wholesale inexpensive binoculars include large long-range binoculars, rifle binoculars handheld binoculars, opera binoculars, and small telescopes. Small telescopes are used for sky watching, while opera binoculars and handheld binocular products are used for nature and outdoor sports observation. Among the wholesale and cheap binoculars, the most preferred long-distance large-sized binoculars and rifle binoculars are among the binoculars used for hunting and hunting sports.

Cheap binoculars in the ball differ according to their usage areas. For example, when hunting, 3 different types of wholesale cheap binoculars are used. In order to fix the fixed point in long-range hunts, a standing dotting scope called spotting scope is needed. In general hunting conditions, there is a need for an observation scope such as 7 × 50, 8 × 56, and a scope mounted on a rifled rifle that enables point shooting at long distances. Those who are engaged in outdoor sports can prefer easily portable, waterproof binoculars. The ideal ratio for the lens and lens dimensions of these binoculars is 8 × 24 or 10 × 25. If binoculars are to be used in maritime, yacht trips, or water sports, it is absolutely necessary to choose binoculars from wholesale cheap binoculars that are waterproof, non-submersible, and stainless. This type of binoculars must have compass and distance meter features.

When choosing wholesale binoculars for bird watching, 8 × 40 and 8 × 42 binoculars should be chosen. These small and easily carried models are ideal for bird watching. It can be handled comfortably and gives sufficient, clear, stable, and bright images. Wholesale handheld binocular models include ideal binoculars for bird watching. Short-focus binoculars should be preferred if bird watching is less than 1 meter away.If the distance is far, long-focus binoculars should be preferred. If the purpose of using binoculars is to watch the sky, a small telescope or wholesale handheld binoculars should be preferred. When observing the sky, binoculars with at least 50 mm aperture should be selected. The 7 × 50 models can be comfortably held in the hand and provide a wide field of view. 10 × 50 is also popular and in places where there are problems such as light pollution, it is generally more preferred than 7 × 50. A tripod is also recommended for stable and comfortable vision. Larger binoculars (such as 70mm, 80mm, 100mm) reveal faint deep sky objects and more detail. While choosing cheap binoculars in bulk, the last point to be considered in addition to their suitability for the activity is the comfort of the eye, optical coating, and other factors such as mechanical structure.

Wholesale Hand Binoculars

Wholesale handheld binoculars are binoculars useful for both users and carrying. Being light and portable, it provides easy use. The wholesale handheld binoculars, which are easy to carry, can be used easily in travels, nature sports, and all other activities. It is one of the most frequently preferred binoculars by hunting enthusiasts. The reason for this is that thanks to its 50 mm lens and zoom feature up to 10 times, an object 1 kilometer away reduces the distance to 122 meters. There are two types of wholesale handheld binoculars. These;

Porro Prism Hand Binoculars: This type of binoculars have two perpendicular prisms in each pipe. Porro-prisms are optically more successful. The image obtained by Porro prisms is closer to the three-dimensional image.

Roof Prism Binoculars: Prisms are placed on top of each other and very close to each other. Light reaches the eyepieces by traveling in a straight line. Therefore, they are lighter and easier to carry. However, these binoculars are more difficult to manufacture and are more expensive.

Other important features of wholesale handheld binoculars are as follows:

  • It has an ergonomic design.
  • It does not disturb the eyes during observation with its eyecup.
  • Thanks to its knurled body structure, it provides a tight grip and does not slip.
  • Easily carried with neck strap and belt holster.
  • Provides a wide view and a comfortable view with its 50 mm lens diameter.
  • It can be used in races, yacht trips, hunting sports, and holidays.
  • Special layered coatings are used in all lenses and prisms.
  • Provides distant viewpoint and wide view.
  • Has a zoom adjustment feature.
  • Provides – and + sharpness adjustment for the right eye.
  • It helps to obtain the clearest image with its zoom feature up to 10 times and lens size.

You can get information about all types of binoculars suitable for your needs on Miniorg.net and you can buy them in bulk if you wish. Search now for binoculars suitable for your budget and usage purposes!

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