Wholesale Bathrobe Set

Wholesale bathrobe set products are rinsing items used after bathing. In this respect, bathrobe sets with high water absorption capacity should be chosen. You can examine our bathrobe sets models in different sizes and colors and order the matching bathrobe sets for yourself.


When deciding on a bathrobe model, you should take into account the temperature of the house. For example, you can use longer bathrobe models in a colder home. Let’s take a brief look at the bathrobe models.

  1. Full-Length Bathrobe
  2. Medium Bathrobes

3.Short Bathrobe

  1. Hooded Bathrobe
  2. Kimono Type Bathrobe
  3. Lightweight Bathrobe

You can choose the bathrobe models mentioned above according to the features of your usage areas. For example, if you want a bathrobe that goes all the way to your ankles, you can get a full-length bathrobe. Full-length bathrobes are usually 150 cm. It is produced in sizes. Medium-sized bathrobes are long just below your knees. Short bathrobes are preferred mostly in summer. Short bathrobes designed to be at knee level also provide ease of movement.

To dry your hair, you can buy hooded robes. Kimono-style robes are available in medium and short lengths. This type of bathrobe has a narrow collar. You can use light-weight bathrobes in the spa and hotels.


You can buy beige or powder-colored bathrobes for your daily use. You can also choose more colorful bathrobes. In this case, you should take care to wash them carefully. The bathrobes that are not washed by the washing instructions may fade or lighten in color.


Even if you like a bathrobe, you may experience dissatisfaction after the first use. For this reason, there are some points that users should pay attention to. First, you should wash the bathrobe fabric according to the washing instructions. You should be careful not to use softeners in the first 3 washes of your bathrobe. The washing machine should be operated without being overfilled. Otherwise, your bathrobe will wear out and hair loss will occur. Washed bathrobes should be hung up immediately and should not be kept wet for too long.


It is the raw material used in its production that determines the quality of the bathrobe. A bathrobe can be made from raw materials such as polyester, nylon, synthetics, and cotton. A cotton bathrobe should always be your first choice. Nylon and synthetic bathrobes are very cheap in price. You should buy a bathrobe made of quality raw material so your money will not go to waste. Also, bathrobes produced in a quality structure adapt to your skin and never disturb your skin. Our bathrobe sets, which include face or hand towels, bath slippers, and bathrobes, will give you healthy use after showering.

While choosing a bathrobe, bathrobes made of highly absorbent fabrics should be preferred. Bathrobe sets made of 100% cotton have high absorbency. You can enjoy a comfortable shower by using these bathrobes in winter. You should not use bathrobes whose absorbency is seriously dropped. Bamboo robe sets may be ideal for you. Bamboo bathrobe sets are both natural and anti-bacterial. You can use such bathrobe sets with peace of mind.

The bathrobe sets, which are affordable in terms of price, are generally made of polyester and synthetic fabrics. However, the quality of such robe sets is at low levels. These types of bathrobes with poor absorbency can easily be deformed after the first wash. Since the bathrobe sets will come into contact with your skin after bathing, you should buy bathrobes with high-quality fabric structures.

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