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The backpack is the most preferred bag model both in daily life, education life, trips and outdoor activities. Backpacks, also known as wholesale backpacks, greatly facilitate human life thanks to their comfort.

When they have the appropriate features and ergonomic design, they greatly facilitate the daily routine. With its large volume, it offers the opportunity to easily find everything that is placed inside, provide freedom of movement and comfortable transportation. The wholesale backpack distributes its weight evenly over both shoulders. In this case, the time spent standing with the bag becomes healthier.

Wholesale backpack models are produced with many different options. The compartments inside and outside of the bags allow the items to be found more easily and to be separated according to their features. For example, having suitable compartments in a backpack for tools such as a water bottle, camera, notebook or tablet saves time by making it easier to find the things you want. Wholesale Backpacks are produced using different materials for different purposes. Therefore, there are significant differences in volume and weight. When buying a backpack, first of all, the purpose of use should be clarified. The most suitable backpack for the person will be the most suitable backpack for the intended use. After deciding on this, it is necessary to pay attention to the volume, weight and functional features and to choose the appropriate backpack.

What Are The Features Of Wholesale Backpack?

When researching wholesale backpacks, it is necessary to pay attention to ergonomic design. Backpacks purchased must be compatible with the body and fully grasp the back. For this reason, when choosing a bag, care should be taken that it is suitable for the height and shoulder width of the person. Otherwise, back, shoulder and waist pain may be experienced.

Another feature to consider when buying wholesale backpacks is as follows;

Suitability for the Purpose Use: The first issue to be considered when buying a backpack is that the product will be used for the most purpose. Backpacks to be used for carrying daily items and backpacks to be used during trekking should not be the same. When a backpack suitable for the purpose of the use is preferred, problems arising from the selection of bags do not occur. For example; A bag with a maximum of 50 or 55 liters should be preferred for travel bags. Otherwise, pain may occur in the waist, neck and back areas and the body may be damaged. Or if the bag is to be used for outdoor activities, a waterproof bag should be preferred.

Correct Bag Volume: The first thing to do after determining the purpose of the use is to determine the ideal volume. The zipper shape of the bag is also of great importance in terms of volume. For example; only a top-loading backpack will not be useful. Especially a backpack with a volume of 30 liters or more should have zippers that open in the middle. If not, the entire bag will have to be emptied to retrieve an underlying item, causing the user to lose the straw. If you are looking for a wholesale backpack only for daily use, smaller volumes should be preferred. For daily use, a 15 or 10-liter bag would be ideal. For example, if the backpack is to be used for a short walk, the average amount of water to consume and a 20-liter backpack for food and other items is sufficient. For longer walks, this volume should be doubled.

Empty Weight of the Bag: It is very important to know the empty weight of backpacks due to their ability to be used for different purposes. Backpacks produced with the latest technology and quality materials are the ones with the most ideal weight. Although nylon backpacks are lighter than all other backpacks, they are not long-lasting and useful products. Quality canvas backpacks can be the first choice if there is no special case for materials. These bags have less empty weight than others. The empty weight issue of wholesale backpack products is of great importance, especially in outdoor activities. Heavy bags create an even higher sense of weight, especially on long walks. Indeed, there is an important difference between carrying weight for a short period of time and carrying it all day; The feeling of heaviness increases with the prolongation of the time.

Functional Features: Perhaps the most important feature of wholesale backpack products is their functionality. Special compartments or side pockets in the bags enable the items to be found quickly and easily while at the same time increasing their usage volume. For this reason, when buying wholesale backpacks, care should be taken to ensure that functional eyes are made of durable materials. Also, the straps and zippers in the backpack should also complement the functional features. Because the durability period of the bags will be tested mostly with these two parts. For easy use and high functionality, the length of the hanger parts of the bag can be adjusted or the ring parts and zippers must be of good quality.

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